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Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X

Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X
The price is to get tears in the eyes of.

On Tuesday evening, Apple invited the press to the annual launch of the company's biggest news. This year, it all went for the first time in Steve Jobs Theater in Apple's new signature building Apple Park in Cupertino.

Tim Cook failed to keep his tears back when he opened the building by reminding Apple founder Steve Jobs, but the program had to move on quickly. The most exciting was of course this year's new iPhone models.

iPhone X
"We have been working for years with the future of iPhones. This is the biggest step forward since we launched iPhone ten years ago, said Tim Cook about iPhone X.

The screen covers the entire front, called Super Retina and is 5.8 in. Apple claims the screen exceeds OLED with a good margin.

The home button is now gone. To activate the phone, touch the screen. You sweep up from the bottom to open the home screen. This works from all apps.

Face ID replaces Touch ID, and is easy and simple face recognition. Using an infrared camera, infrared lighting and a new Bionic A11 chip, the phone makes a digital image of your face. The phone scans 30,000 dots on your face, and it also works in the dark.

The technology behind Face ID performs up to 600 billion small operations per second.

The phones should not be fooled by pictures or masks of your face. The chance of tricking Touch ID was 1 to 50,000, "said Apple. With Face ID, the number is 1 to 1,000,000.

We are excited about how well the technology works in practice. The first phone Apple's Craig Federighi was to show the technology, did not want to open the mobile and he had to change mobile. However, for the rest of the presentation, technology worked as expected.

Battery life should be two hours longer than iPhone 7.

With the background of glass, iPhone X can be charged wirelessly through the Qi charging standard. That is, the mobile phone can also be charged with equipment that is not made by Apple.

The new generation iPhone can be charged wirelessly with Apple Watch and AirPod. Here are the dings on Apple's charging plate AirPower, but they can be loaded from any product that supports the open Qi standard.
Apple has of course made its own solution called AirPower, where you can add mobile, clock and cordless ear plugs to charge everyone at the same time. This will be launched in 2018.

iPhone X comes in black and silver colors and costs staggering 10,990 kroner for the 64GB model and 12,690 for the 256GB model.

Technology journalist and bloggers are not overwhelmed by the price, but, of course, says that it is difficult.

- I'm not surprised as it has been speculative in this award for a long time. It is undoubtedly extremely expensive

"Samsung is doing the same now with several models priced at the level we've been used to in recent years, and top models that cost extra lot.

"It can give between 11,000 and 13,000 for a new thing each year, but I do not doubt people will do it.

The phone is launching significantly later than iPhone 8, November 3rd.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
Apple also unveiled two new iPhone models that look almost identical to today's mobiles. They are called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and are very similar to today's iPhone 7.

Inside, however, there is a hexagon's piece that controls the show. iPhone 8 is also the first phone with its own graphics chip. It should provide better performance and better games, for example.

Also, the iPhone 8 can be charged wirelessly.

But all in all, we talk about small upgrades compared to the iPhone 7. The processor is faster, the light is better, the sound is higher and the camera is better.

The "portrait light" unity for the iPhone X and 8 Plus looks tough. Here the phone analyzes the content of the image, and you can adjust the light and background of a portrait with impressive results.

iPhone 8 also supports the augmented reality - expanded reality.

iPhone 8 costs 7790 kroner for the 64GB model for the 256GB model.
The iPhone 8 Plus costs 8890 for the 64GB modelfor the 256GB model.

The mobiles will be launched on 22 September.

- The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are completely elongated phones and a natural little progress from the 7's. But it's the iPhone X that's the star here. There are many exciting new features and it looks very nice. Unfortunately, it will not arrive in two months.

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch has grown to be the biggest clock in the world, over Rolex. Apple is now updating the clock with a new generation. The Apple Watch Series 3 looks very similar to the previous generation, but has got upgrades under the shell.

First and foremost, it now operates independently of the mobile phone using 4G connectivity. It can also be linked directly to Apple Music. A new W2 chip will also make connection via the blue faster.

Unfortunately, Apple has not increased battery life, which is strictly one of the biggest appeal points to today's clock: It must be charged every day.

The price for the Apple Watch Series 3 is 3590 kroner for the 38cm box and 3890 for the 42mm clockbox.

The clock will be launched on 22 September.

The new operating system WatchOS 4 will be available on September 19th.

Apple TV 4K
Apple is also unveiling a new and powerful Apple TV, Apple TV 4K. In other words, it is a way of far better image quality than with today's Apple TV, provided you have a display that supports 4K.

In addition to 4K, Apple TV now supports HDR content.

Inside is an A10X chip, which gives Apple TV four times as good graphics performance as the previous generation. It's the same chip that is in iPad Pro.

The menu system has also been overtaken. More exciting is that Apple TV is featured as a game console focused on multiplayer games.

Apple TV 4K for 32GB model and 64GB version. It will be launched on 22 September.

First impression of iPhone X in reality

First impression of iPhone X in reality
We have tried Apple's great news. Here is the first impression.

As expected, Apple showed nothing less than six new products on Tuesday's launch event in Cupertino.

Although the new phones are now called iPhone 8 and not 7S, the design is largely unchanged. But inside has happened a lot, both when it comes to horsepower, new circuits and better cameras.

For example, features such as Augmented Reality, "Expanded Reality", float nicely on the screen without annoying stays or choking.

That it is demonstrated on stage is a matter, but seeing it live is actually impressive. It will be exciting to see how "next-generation" Pokemon Go-like games will look like the new iPhone.

But the big star is clearly the iPhone X's anniversary model. With its edge-to-edge display and excellent color rendering, the 5.8-inch OLED screen draws its true attention.

The usual models look old-fashioned and a little more clumsy. And it feels just as exclusive and impressive in hand as it does in pictures. Apple has once again passed the competitors on building quality.

With the cameras placed horizontally and updated sensors, the iPhone X will be even better suited to Augmented Reality than iPhone 8.

The back of the glass on all the new models makes it possible to charge the phones wirelessly, which was demonstrated by chargers from several different brands. Fortunately, Apple has chosen the current Qi standard for wireless charging.

In addition to upgrading the cameras, the self-camera has also become significantly better. Same with the new features to manipulate how faces are lit - Portrait Mode - It's probably the best self-camera we've seen.

Everyone who tried the features was visibly impressed.

To remove the home button and thus the fingerprint reader is brave decision. Others have tried facial recognition, but if it does not work 100 percent of the time, you get up and get annoyed.

During the demonstration it looked like it worked every time, but it was under ideal conditions.

When we get our own test and can try ourselves, even in poor light, we will come back with a more thorough assessment.

You will have to learn some new basic handles. Like sweeping your finger, to go to the home screen instead of pressing the button, the button on the page is used to start Siri, and so on. It's something to try a bit to see if it's better or worse than the old method.

But a person who demonstrated it exclaimed: "So clever, then you can do it all with one hand."

Sometimes it's the little things you're most happy with.

We'll be back with more details about the new Apple products in the next few days, once we've had the opportunity to use them more in depth.

Apple explains what went wrong when iPhone X did not recognize Craig Federighi's face

Apple explains what went wrong when iPhone X did not recognize Craig Federighi's face
"The mobile really worked as it should," explains Apple.

Tuesday night Norwegian time, Apple unveiled the new iPhone X phone. This is a phone different from today's iPhone models, and should be unlocked by face detection.

With Apple's software development manager, Craig Federighi, demonstrating the technology behind FaceID, it went wrong:

FaceID did not work properly, and Federighi was instead prompted to enter their code. Not the lucky moment for a company that tries to convince a pair of skeptics that it's better to open the phone with your face than your finger.

A number of media reported that the technology failed. On the other hand, it does not matter whether we should believe Apple himself.

In a statement to Yahoo, the company explains that a number of different people had taken in the mobile phone ahead of the presentation and that the phone had tried to recognize the faces of all these people - without success.

After many failed attempts, the iPhone is designed to require the user to enter the code. iPhone X was already in this mode when Federighi was using it, says a spokesman for Apple.

Mennesker handlede the device for the stage demo ahead of time, and did not realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. Efter mislykket antall ganger, fordi de ikke var Craig, iPhone gjorde det som var designet til å gjøre, som var å kreve hans passcode. In other words, Face ID worked as it was designed to.

Apple to Yahoo
Federighi quickly switches to a backup phone, and then the technology worked as it should during the demonstration.

The damage had already occurred, and is used diligently by people and media who are skeptical of functionality.

Amanda (32) was happily engaged. Then a strange friend request appeared on Facebook

Amanda (32) was happily engaged. Then a strange friend request appeared on Facebook
Facebook can be scary exactly when it comes to which people you are with.

Are you active on Facebook on your mobile phone and have confirmed that the app can know where you are? Have you noticed that people you have just met appear as suggestions for people you may know?

It's simple technology where Facebook guess you know people you've just been in the same place as. Maybe you already have common friends who were in the same place? Perhaps you want to be friends too?

It can be a useful feature that associates friendship. It can also be experienced as invading.

FOR A WOMAN in England, it turned upside down on what she thought was a happy relationship. To the British newspaper Daily Mail, Amanda (32) tells the story like this:

Amanda had met the dream man. They had been together for two years and were engaged. Admittedly, he behaved strange and disappeared on job breaks from time to time, but all this was forgotten when he was freezing.

Then one day as she flipped through Facebook, she became aware of the profile picture of a woman the social network suggested as a friend.

The woman was pictured hand in hand with her fiancee.

Shockingly she blows through the woman's profile, and finds that they also have a child together.

Amanda tells her to be angry calling her boyfriend and confronting him with what she found out. He just adds - and the two-year relationship is over.

BUT NOT LONG. Within the year, he contacts and says that he has made an end to the other woman. The two try again, but once again it turns out that he is unfaithful.

Amanda finishes her relationship once more, but when she turns out she is pregnant, the relationship gets a third chance. It should not last long.

Once again via Facebook, the girlfriend is hanged out by a new person who tells a story of infidelity and wonder.

"I chose to share my story, and within one hour three other women contacted and told similar stories," the woman told the newspaper.

The relationship was over for good.

Faced with the newspaper, the man denies that he has been in relationship with other women at the same time, claiming the different women are found from Amanda's side. Nor does he acknowledge the child, and tells the newspaper that he has demanded a DNA test to clarify if he really is the father.

The electric truck never runs out of power

The electric truck never runs out of power
Not only does it work without fuel, it must be emptied!

Eternity machines have been a dream for researchers and inventors for many, many years - and there is no lack of trying to create a machine that never stops.

But now it appears that a research project in Switzerland is in the process of achieving goals - and so. They have made an electric dumper that not only never runs out of power - but actually generates power that is emitted on the mains.

Must be emptied, not charged

It all sounds too good to be true, but the technology is quite simple: Electric motors can not only be used to power propulsion, electric motors also act as generators when you slow down - called regeneration of power.

The secret here lies in the fact that the dumper collects mines from a lithium mine that is higher in the field than the factory the masses are to be delivered to. This makes the car heavier heavier when it drives downwards than when it runs back to the mine.

The full load generates the machine around 40 kWh on its way down to the factory, while it uses about 30 kWh of power to drive back up. This means that the machine generates 10 kWh per round trip it carries out, and it carries 20 round trips a day.

The result is that it will generate 200 kWh more power per day than it uses, and this power is then transmitted to the mains.

Great savings
The company claims that you save about 50,000 liters of diesel compared to a regular dumper that definitely does not generate a profit on such a tour.

The prerequisite for this to work is, of course, that the masses are shipped downhill. The principle can be compared to some extent with hydropower, where large amounts of water are transported from a high level to a low level, and in the bottom it is a turbine that "brakes" the water and generates electricity.

The so-called eDumper was initially thought to be equipped with a 600 kWh battery, but now it's 700 kWh in order to improve efficiency.

Despite the machine's full load weighing 110 tonnes, it has an electric motor of "just" 800 horsepower (590 kW) - but the torque is at a nice 9500 Nm.

Electric bus has set new record

This is not the only exciting thing that happens with electric heavy vehicles at the moment.

Bus manufacturer Proterra put this new password in a week with an electric bus - or strictly electric vehicle as a whole:

On a lane in the United States, it drove 1772 kilometers before the 660 kWh battery was empty.

In practice, of course, the bus will not go as long, but it shows that long haulage is now within reach of electric vehicles.

iOS 11: How to record the screen on iPhone and iPad

iOS 11: How to record the screen on iPhone and iPad

Screen capture is the feature Apple has not mentioned, but "everyone" is talking about.
Apple never mentioned the feature when they introduced the iOS 11 news, but it's neither the new design in the App Store, the new camera features, the image format HEIF or the new control center people are talking about after the update.

It is the Screen Recording feature.
With this feature you can make video footage of anything on the screen. Earlier, one could take a screenshot of what's going on, but in today's video world, screen capture is of course even better.

Screen capture is not immediately available on the mobile, but only a few clicks are required to enable the feature.

How to do it
The button to start screen recording will remain in the new control center after you have activated the feature.

Click Settings
Click Control Center
Click Customize controls
Plug in Screen Recording
Now you will find the screen capture button in the Control Center when you sweep up from the bottom of the phone.

Initially, the recording is done without sound, but pressing the button (3D Touch) will make it possible to turn the microphone on and off.

Be careful with sexy videos
The online chat request for the news is that you can now make secret footage of, for example, videos in Snapchat and Instagram Stories without the sender aware of it.

And quite right: When Page3 tested to run the screen shot while we opened a video clip, the entire video was captured on film without the sender being notified.

If you are used to sending spiky snap videos to anyone other than hard, very good friends, it may now be an idea to think about once and twice before sending someone to the iPhone ...
Both useful and fun
Screen capture can be used for more useful things than being nasty. For example, friends and family members who have a problem with their mobile or tablet can record the problem and send it to others with more help for help.

One can also share experiences in games and apps that use expanded reality.

CCleaner scandal: - You must reinstall Windows

CCleaner scandal: - You must reinstall Windows
Scandal grows into whole new proportions.

It all started almost like a little curiosity, but now looks to grow into a huge scandal.

The CCleaner program, used to clean up and optimize computers, is undoubtedly the world's most popular of its kind. More than two billion times, the program has been downloaded and is generally highly recognized.

Unauthorized people had managed to access the computers of the company behind, which meant that the popular program was infected with features that allowed hackers to take control of the computer.

This they managed to keep on for a total of 31 days before it was discovered by the security company Avast. Meanwhile, many millions have downloaded the infected edition.

Extremely advanced
Now it appears that the software is one of the most advanced security experts, and that there are bakers with a lot of resources available.

The Cisco group Talos has examined the program more closely, and found that the bakers have been looking for computers in the headquarters of some of the world's leading technology companies. This includes Microsoft, Google, Sony, Samsung, Akamai, HTC, MSI, Google, Dlink, Cisco, Vodafone and VMWare.

If the program has found that it has been installed on machines in these locations, it has downloaded not just one but two tailored infections specially designed to make analysis difficult.

It may be especially the third level that is being installed as a concern because this is so-called "phyllos malware", which means that the infection only happens in memory - making it extremely difficult to investigate.

- When you look at this software package, it is very well developed. This is someone who has spent a lot of money, with very many developers to perfect it. It is clear that those who have created this have used it before and that they will use it again, says security expert Craig Williams in Cisco to Ars Technica.

You must format your computer
He says that people who have installed the infected version of CCleaner, specifically CCleaner in 32-bit version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191, simply have to reinstall the entire operating system on their computer. It does not stop removing the original infection, knowing that two highly advanced programs are very difficult to detect.

It is a very little thankful job, but necessary.

Security experts around the world are starting to be very concerned about the new development where backmen gain control over the distribution of popular software. This allows you to get around many security mechanisms and reach a wide range of security-conscious users.

The worst example was perhaps when bakers gained access to NetSarang development tools, used by over 100 banks worldwide, as well as pharmaceutical and energy companies.

Google takes HTC team for $ 1.1 billion

Google takes HTC team for $ 1.1 billion
The dream team behind Google's critically acclaimed Pixel mobile phone is turned off by Google.

Google has signed a $ 1.1 billion collaborative agreement with the mobile giant HTC, writes the company in a press release. The agreement follows the right of use for HTC's patents and intellectual property.

Rumors about the deal first appeared in the beginning of September.

The search engine giant has lately got harder on hardware, and the HTC agreement is the last part of the strategy.

"Through this deal, talented HTC employees will become part of Google's hardware department," said Google's Rick Osterloh.

He specifically thinks about the team who developed the critically acclaimed Google mobile Pixel.

Google takes half the staff
According to the New York Times, the agreement means that HTC slim staff from around 4000 to 2000 people. HTC will still develop smartphones, but it is expected to streamline the selection to a greater extent than today.

HTC has competed with Apple and Samsung in recent years and has failed to produce a smartphone that stands out.

In its press release, HTC emphasizes that they will follow up the flagship HTC U11 launched earlier in 2017, and will also advance on technology such as virtual and expanded reality and artificial intelligence.

It's not time Google takes over a mobile company. In 2011, the company bought Motorola for $ 12.5 billion, but sold it to Lenovo three years later for less than $ 3 billion.

Admittedly, Google had previously sold other parts of the company and retained Motorola's patents, but Business Insider writes that it is not obvious how the deal with HTC will be a success.

Does Apple's strategy follow?
It is speculated whether Google is now moving towards Apple's strategy, with control of both the software and hardware in its devices. Google's mobile operating system is currently running on a variety of platforms with various customizations for each individual manufacturer.

It rumors rumors that Google also wants to develop its own processors to its hardware to compete with, for example, Apple's deeply integrated systems. Today, Google is dependent on customizing its products with partners like Qualcomm.

Should you buy iPhone X?

Should you buy iPhone X?

Tech blogger and tech consultant Shelly Palmer has been asked to buy iPhone X - and at the same time advise on how to deal with iPhone 8.

The answer to the first question is; Yes, he will. He will buy iPhone X directly from Apple, with subscription.

He adds that iPhone X has a part that the iPhone 7 does not have, but none of what Apple launched Tuesday is needed (need to have) for someone who already has an iPhone 7.

On the question of whether one should consider buying iPhone 8 is the answer; Yes, buy iPhone 8 if you do not have an iPhone 7 and you can not afford to buy iPhone X.

But Palmer's advice is also that if you have an iPhone 7 then you do not need to upgrade to iPhone 8.

Google is being sued for discrimination

Google is being sued for discrimination

The women who now sue Google claim that the company segregates women and places them in low-paid jobs.

Google's wage practices are once again in the spotlight, reports engadget.com.

Three women who have worked for the company are now claiming the company for gender discrimination. The women claim Google knew about the discrimination, or at least should have been aware of them.

Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease and Kelli Wisuri left all Google after they were placed in positions that would have given them lower wages than their male colleagues.

The women claim that Google segregates women and places them in less-paid jobs that hinder career development, while men with the same qualifications do not experience this.

Google says they read through the lawsuit now, but disagree with the key charges.

"Posting levels and promotions are determined through strict employment and promotion committees, they must pass many levels to ensure that no gender-based decisions have been made," said a spokeswoman in Google, Gina Scigliano.

Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X

Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X The price is to get tears in the eyes of. On Tuesday evening, Apple invited the press to the an...