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It's a good and a bad news for you who are waiting for this year's iPhone 8. The good thing is that it seems to be packed with new technology and smart solutions. The bad thing is that these things take longer than planned and that the phone is delayed.


It's a good and a bad information for you who are waiting for this year's iPhone 8. Fortunately that it appears to be packed with new-technology and smart alternatives. Unhealthy thing is that these things much more than planned and that the phone is deferred.

Several months overdue

Coming from heard before, nevertheless for the first time there are credible signals about when iPhone 8, or what it's supposed to be, is ready. The reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now says that the mass production of iPhone eight will be fully functional until October or Nov. That is, a wait of at least one, but probably several several weeks in comparison to Apple's regular diary. A lot of people also fear that the device will not even be launched about this webpage of New Year.

Kuo, on the other side, suggests that the other two models that are rumored to come this year will be available for "regular" time in late summer. Nevertheless , it is asked if anyone will choose these as the actual news will be coming at that time. The other two models appear to be small upgrades of today's i phone 7 models.

Why it is delayed

IPhone eight, iPhone Edition, iPhone Times, or what it's getting hot, gets its normal upgrades with faster insight and better camera. Yet a number of the biggest innovative developments are hard to get in mass production, because no person else has made anything at all similar before.

It is generally the technology that makes certain that the home button can disappear completely from the phone that uses a long time. This requires a fingerprint reader that is incorporated into the lower part of the screen, and is never mass-produced for a touch screen phone earlier.

Additionally, Apple's brand new OLED monitors and new camera technology with 3D features to take responsiblity for this year's delay.

Launched at the same time

Kuo forecasts that Apple does as they've been used to in recent years, and holds a major event throughout the launch of this year's phones in later summer. There they probably launch the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which will be available relatively quickly. The analyst anticipates the particular will flop pending the new model. The top model is likely to be launched concurrently, good results. a long delivery time.

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