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Possibly the most impressive rechargeable cross types today

Possibly the most impressive rechargeable cross types today

This car has a solar panel on the roof.

- Theoretically, this is perhaps the most impressive rechargeable cross types today.

The Toyota Prius was a very special genre for many years. A hybrid car in a sea of vehicles with conventional motor.

In recent times, the hybrids have come from several teams, but Toyota has little included in the rechargeable group.

Prius has had a lead, but there has not been a car that has been sold largely.


Value: 40097. 86 US Dollars. -

Price test car: 40657. 04 US Money. -

Engine: 4 cyl. Petrol / electric. 1797 ccm. 98 hp sixth v. 5200 rpm. 142 Nm v. 3600 rpm. Electrical motor. 92 hp 162 Nm 8. 8 kilo watt hour. Total power 122 horsepower 300 Nm.

Aks: eleven. 1 seconds

Top rate: 162 km / l

Electricity range: 63 kilometer

Consumption: 0. 1 m / mil (mixed)

Exhausts: 22 g / kilometres CO?. 0. 8 magnesium / km NOx

Sizes (LxWxH): 4645/1760/1470 mm

Baggage compartment: 360/1204 liters

Certain gravity: 1530 kilos

Previous year, Prius came with a new generation, with a drier than the predecessor, and now comes the version with a rechargeable hybrid drive collection.

This time it can probably be more dedicated to this version of Prius. The importer expects to sell over 1000 this year, and the vehicle has several interesting solutions.

- A car for those fuels crying

A advanced news is the -panel on the roof that helps to charge the battery. The entire system also has a completely different capacity than before.

The battery pack is expanded to 8. almost eight kWh, and the electric motors are far more powerful than before. The ability shall be 92 horse power and it has an electric peak speed of 135 kilometers hourly.

The range is merely over 6 miles, and the overall flexibility of the system allows you to actually run electrically, almost the whole day.

To get maximum emission-free driving, you can lock it in a mode where it takes it a little more peacefully and uses less power.

Most of the time, we chosen to determine the mix of search engines, which nevertheless yielded incredibly low consumption.

After managing a number of today's chargeable hybrids, we are being used to having the required intake of wood when you put it to use as usual. It really is true that Toyota would not hide, however they say that based on the EU cycle, it uses 0. 1 l of gasoline per lt. Car, causing 0. 3 liter in the real world.

And there is reason to assume that those who want to be extra fuel-rich can get numbers approaching the mentioned ones.


Toyota has long experience with driving a car lines of this type, and it shows them with Prius. The fact that two engines alternate is completely seamless, which is not the case in many much more expensive plug hybrids.

The electric motor's characteristics also make it very well utilized. The electric device is both strong and flexible enough for the auto, if you are charged regularly, to run daily as an electric car.

Technically, this is perhaps the most impressive rechargeable hybrid today.

Driving, it's not as fierce. Admittedly, the new Prius generation is much better on the highway than the previous one, but it is still a pretty stunned generating experience. The car has a stepless gearbox that serves a distant and tight delivery of electricity.

Instant and fresh mechanics of the electric drive mechanism should be a tiny extent liked. The control is reduce and then you’re becoming more thinking about the intake meter's absurdly low quantities than where you are in the velocity sign-up.

- Impossible to be indifferent to the look

That is also not sensible in any way. The special roof top form and high wall provide limited visibility in reverse, with a horizontal grooved just above the back window in the range of sight.

The start has a larger electric unit. Compared with the usual Prius, it's one hundred and fifty liters less volume, on the other hand is actually bigger than the one present in the Volkswagen The game of golf GTE.

The actual appearance is still in a separate class. Prius has looked special from the first generation, and with this edition we are well into avant-garde.

Now there are so many crinkles and hooks and lines and weird lights that it's impossible to be indifferent to the design.

Technically, it's easy to get rid of, however you soon know that this is a car where transport is the central. You get from A to B, what are the results between the two letters is not so important.

Yet what is certain is the fact you do it in the market's most fuel efficient way if you have to involve a fossil gasoline engine.


Convenient drive line

Good power range

Driving experience

The design goes further than the practical

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