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Easy test: Huawei P10

Easy test: Huawei P10

A fantastic phone. Which you do certainly not want.

This is a phone that shows that Huawei has grown from producing affordable, good phones - to make good phone calls.

That was why with some excitement we took a closer look at the new P10 mobile range topping. Or flagship? That's not the right description, almost all of the specifications are together with from the brilliant big brother Mate 9 Expert.

It's the most coating that's different - as it's physically smaller, the screen and battery are also smaller. However, another processor is under the shell, but both are flashing fast - and then this P10 has a chopped better camera and a rather different skin area on top of Google android. However, the dissimilarities are little.

What Happily Is Want is the dual camera solution. Huawei uses a standard color camera in the middle of the tree plus, and the own monochromatic camera that captures amazing black and white images - almost regardless of lighting conditions. Completely surrendered indeed.

13 on the show
Yet where Mate 9 Expert had a kind of wow factor, the P10 enters into a custom of completely forgettable telephones.

Misunderstand us right, because after having a few weeks with the mobile phone we certainly have absolutely nothing to complain about. It's fast, functional, provides good overall flexibility in an individual interface, of course has a cards reader, it has fast UBC-C connection, the minijack connection is retained, the fingerprint reader is super fast, it's easy, the battery capacity is absolutely acceptable - and is actually good to hold in.

The screen is good to consider, and should we believe Huawei can it be even faster in response than most other mobiles. Even so, Huawei has put some kind of coating on top, which seems like a cheap screen protector. Is actually not very sexy.

Nevertheless in the description, "Should we believe Huawei, inches lies the problem. This mobile phones have become so good that it can be getting difficult to stand away. A small performance improvement is not sufficient when something from before was good enough.

60 that there is nothing that makes it be noticeable. The phone is completely simple. It may be made of LG ELECTRONICS, Samsung, HTC - and if you put it next to a dark iPhone 7, the distinctions are really not that big. When you can choose whether the phone should feel like an Google android or iOS device, it competes against everyone. And nobody.

The Huawei P10 is a truly outstanding mobile phone. And really inexpensive. We speak significantly cheaper than Samsung's new flagship. However, it will not feel like a flagship.

It's not a mobile you desire. Really a mobile phone you are going to thank. Without regret another in retrospect.

Because even if it's a lttle bit drab, you cannot complain about anything.

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