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Test out: Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Test out: Samsung Galaxy S8 +

It is quite clear that this wont be granted a dice 6.

When Samsung korea launches a new cellphone in the Galaxy T series, it's known it's far going to be a great mobile. Something different would have been a disaster. And disasters, Korean has already had some of recent times already. It could not be repeated.

The Galaxy S8 is the telephone that Samsung 90 % has to do well. And the very brief story is that this easily is one of the market's very best Android mobiles.

There is very much to like. The design is the most obvious, the display is now squeezed almost completely into the ends, it is good to hold in - and Samsung has (thanks and price) not removed the headphone jack.

They may have even taken the trouble to install some very useful earplugs from AKG.

The camera was probably the best of the market, even a lttle bit of fussing can make it simply fantastic, especially in a dark setting. And the new selfie camera is superb.

Moreover, the mobile phone is waterproof and has performance in the top layer.

The display screen itself on the mobile phone is a pleasure for the eyes (a little more about this later), and Samsung may certainly be able to really use the screen as a whole for the first time. This even though the physical switches have become moved onto the screen itself.

The best thing about the full mobile phone is perhaps the virtual home button with haptic feedback a la iPhone 7 that always works. Although there is no icon at the bottom of the display, you can always press the middle down and get the home feature. This is perhaps well known feature with the complete phone.

Samsung has also not been on the side of performance. Criteria show that the cellphone with the top level. Sometimes totally on top.

Memory card reader is at place, all the cellular technologies you need are in position - including cordless charging.

On top of all, the phone can take a little first step towards getting used as a computer with mouse and key pad - an attribute called DeX - but this is an option we certainly have not tested.

But certainly not a dice six

Even though at first glimpse there are almost only good things to say about the device, we think it would be useless to have the phone top markings. There are a few things with the phone that are almost sensationally thoughtful.

Things that make the 6 smoke cigars and that dice 5 gets the right one. Although maybe no other mobiles actually are better.

Beneath we will begin to review the primary elements:

Finger-print reader

By removing the physical buttons at the bottom of the mobile phone, Samsung had to do something special in the fingerprint reader. Nevertheless for incomprehensive reasons, they did not act as competitors, who either positioned it as part of the on button on the right side of the telephone - or where you naturally rest your index finger on the backside.

No, Samsung moved it up next to camera lens.

This is a place that, for the first time, is a long way away where you normally rest your finger, which makes the fingerprint audience not naturally readily accessible. In addition, it is very easy to accidentally remove the lens itself and make it greasy.

The problem is so apparent to Samsung that the camera appliance has the detection of fat grades on the camera zoom lens.

We dare say this is the worst solution for a fingerprint visitor we've been on for years.

Face Detection

The nuisance that Samsung has given the bark in the fingerprint reader's handiness is that they have introduced both face and iris scanning for biometric unlocking.

The problem is that this solution sometimes takes a long time to identify the face and sometimes it fails. Whilst sometimes it's lightning fast. And it does not matter if you have big headphones or glasses.

Unpredictability is practically worse than inaccuracy. When you need to start the phone, you never know how fast it goes - or if it goes.

As a result, we took yourself largely to switch to code lock again - something that could be just as good considering the new police skims.

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