Now, motherboards manufacturers have found that an M.2-SSD needs cooling

Now, motherboards manufacturers have found that an M.2-SSD needs cooling
Gigabyte certainly has a solution to the heat problem.

We thought that MSI had some good thoughts on time when they before Christmas showed their M.2 Shield - an M.2 cooling solution for the motherboard.

Now it seems that the competitor Gigabyte comes with something similar, which also looks far more talkative and more efficient.

The Aorus M.2 Thermal Guard is called the solution, and the name Aorus suggests that this will only be found on Gigabyte's most expensive motherboard.

Physically, this appears to be a solid piece of metal with actual ribs, which is then placed over the M.2 connector on the motherboard. Nevertheless, Gigabyte impresses us much more than MSI did - that solution consists only of a heat-conducting cushion and a slim metal plate.

How the rest of the motherboard looks like we do not know, as this is the only episode that has been posted on twitter by Gigabyte UK.

But since the tweet is tagged with #seeyouatcomputex, it's no surprise if this is one of the news to be featured at this year's Computex fair in Taiwan, which officially starts May 30th.

And of course will be in place.

A heat problem

The SSDs that come in the handsome "Chewing gum form factor" M.2 2280 have the advantage of being placed right on the motherboard. It's very convenient, as they take up little space and you do not think about stretching cables for power and data.

On the other hand, airing is not as tight on the motherboard, and fast SSDs can develop a lot of heat when they have to work hard over time.

Therefore, we have repeatedly seen that an M.2 SSD gets so hot that it reduces speed to avoid damage due to excessive temperatures.

In response to this, it has come up with handsome PCIe solutions like Aqua Computer KryoM.2 PCIe SSD Adapter with Cooling Rib. However, when the SSD is removed from the motherboard, some of the point of having a small SSD disappears.

Therefore, we think it's good to see that we get proper but still space-saving cooling solutions.

Are you ready with a "regular" SSD?

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