Nvidia's latest driver provides streaming of Netflix in 4K

Nvidia's latest driver provides streaming of Netflix in 4K
Unfortunately, it is only available to the most interested.

Over three years after the first 4K content became available to Norwegian Netflix customers, it is still not easy for PC users to enjoy the high resolution.

Microsoft and Netflix have demanded that PC users take advantage of the exact combination of Windows 10, Browser Edge and a brand new "Kaby Lake" processor from Intel to make this a set up not very many.

However, with a new driver update that transfers the responsibility for 4K playback to the graphics card, the graphics manufacturer Nvidia now provides green light for 4K streams of Netflix series for multiple PC users.

Thus, the requirement to have a new Kaby Lake processor disappears, but thanks to a number of new requirements, it is not provided that you can now jump up from the sofa and the TV screen back to the chair in front of the PC to view 4K content .

Nvidia Graphics, Insider Program and HDCP 2.2 Support

Because, of course, it does not help with a new Netflix 4K driver and 4K stream right in the Netflix app if you do not have a Nvidia graphics card, which must also be based on their latest Pascal architecture. From Nvidia's website, we can read that only GTX 1050 or more powerful graphics cards with at least 3GB of memory support 4K streaming. Because the GTX 1050 does not have more than 2GB of memory, this means in practice that you need to have a GTX 1050 Ti card - which comes with 4GB of memory - or better in your machine.

As if that were not enough, the mentioned driver with version number 381.74 is available only to Microsoft's "Windows Insider" program. This is open to anyone with Windows 10, but thanks to constant early updates and experimental features, hardly anything the smooth Netflix user should jump on.

The long-awaited offline feature takes on the PC platform:
Finally, you can download Netflix content on your PC »

Nvidia reports that Netflix 4K flow will only be supported in this exact driver, and not subsequent drivers. Configurations with SLI Setup are not supported, nor setup where all the screens you have connected to your computer do not support the HDCP 2.2 standard.

In this case, the SLI setup should be disabled and any HDCP 1.X support displays turned off or disconnected during 4K playback.

The HDCP 2.2 standard ensures encrypted and secure transmission of signal from source to monitor so that it can not be copied and spread over the Internet.

While it is understandable that Netflix wants to protect their content, as they already struggle to keep away from the pirate's claws, we cross our fingers that the Nvidia trial project is just the start of more accessible 4K Netflix streaming for PC users.

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