OLED, 4K, HDR and raw design

OLED, 4K, HDR and raw design
German Loewe turns on big drum with new 55 and 65 inch.

There are a myriad of TV models out there, but some stand out more than others. For example, Bang & Olufsen is a good proof of what they showed emphatically when their retro-inspired BeoVision Horizon 40 model was in the test bench a while ago.

Now, however, the German producer Loewe has veiled his latest top model, Loewe Bild 9, and is hardly back for competitors. Here we speak both ellevil design and - not least - all that is to accumulate from new and hot technology.

To start with the panel itself - which comes in both 55 and 65 inches - we talk about both 4K resolution and, not least, OLED technology. That's why we are talking about both hot black levels and shabby colors. This will also be supported by support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and so-called «Hybrid Log Gamma».

All three promise you a significantly better picture, in a few different ways - but just the latter (HLG) is new to the year and thus completely marketable.

Very attractive design

Besides hefty specifications, we also talk about what is one of the wildest designs in the market. Here you have a panel that is mostly 7 millimeters thick, and is threaded to the back. The design is certainly inspired by the Bauhaus and Art Deco styles of the 1920s, and it is also possible to buy the different hangers you can buy.

Picture 9 comes with three different mounting variants, where the standing is perhaps the most striking. Here Loewe has constructed a sharp and tight metal frame that extends backwards in triangles both up and down, with two straight strings along the sides. The TV is mounted at the top, and seems to "hang" in loose air.

The color of the rods is in gold. In addition, you also have a silver tableware that follows much the same design line - and a wall suspension with shorts on each short side. The three variants have been given the names "Sculptural", "Flexible" and "Sophisticated".

Next to the TV, Loewe has also launched a speaker, Loewe Klang 9, which will give you the same design and much better sound. This comes in addition to the already integrated loudspeaker in the 120 watt TV, with six common elements and four passive bass membranes.

... but then that was the price

Finally, you might wonder what the price will be - and as you may have guessed this is not exactly cheap luxury. The models will, after all, be found in Norwegian specialty stores for such design TVs, and then around 12000 dollars for the biggest variant, and to around 10,000 dollars for the 55-year-old. This translated from British currency, with the given price of 8,990 and 6,990 pounds respectively.

The sound 9 speakers will, in turn, be slightly more affordable, with the retail price of "only" approx. 6000 dollars (4,990 pounds). Exact prices and exact availability are not currently known.

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