The future fingerprint sensor scans your finger with OLED

The future fingerprint sensor scans your finger with OLED
... and also solves the vulnerabilities readers have had.

Fingerprint readers are becoming more and more common in phones in virtually all price ranges, but with this year's top models from, for example, LG and Samsung, a new problem begins to sign up: there is no room for the browser at the front.

This is simply because the screen has become so solid that it shoots out all other electronics - and thus the fingerprint reader often fits the backside. Not everyone likes this, but according to AndroidAuthority, an unprecedented solution may be on its way.

The German research institute Fraunhofer Institute has recently developed a new technique for reading your fingerprints, using something as unconventional as tiny OLED panels.

Better solution than optical reading

Today's fingerprint readers are in most cases optical, and therefore need "normal" images of your finger to work. As a result, they can not be under a screen, for example.

The OLED solution solves everything in an elegant way by lightening your finger and capturing the reflected light. The light is then analyzed by the phone and feeds a complete image of your fingerprint. Because the process is not optical, but actually measures the depth of your fingerprints, such an OLED browser can not be tricked by, for example, an image such as optical sensors can (if you really try).

Another advantage of the OLED readers is that they can be made extremely thin. This reduces the distance between the finger and the reader so that the fingerprint becomes even more precise. As a pure bonus, therefore, the electronics take up minimal space in the phone itself.

The solution still appears to be a couple of years away from the market, but the department naturally hopes that they will be able to launch the solution on the market as quickly as possible. Also other pursuits with similar solutions, for example, the company LuxVue, now owned by Apple. Perhaps there is such a reader we will find in the next generation of iPhone?

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