The LG G6 Mini is apparently released soon

The LG G6 Mini is apparently released soon
Shrinks the giant car to 5.4 inches.

LG has really gained its fair share of attention in the new year after launching the long-awaited LG G6 top model. The South Koreans were out there with the wider 18: 9 screen aspect, and a phone that practically can not be said to have any frames. Simply a very nice and innovative phone.

Now TechnoBuffalo reports that a smaller version of it may be on its way, in the form of the LG G6 Mini.

This appears in a leaked, internal LG document, describing the new model in detail and revealing some key specifications.

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First of all, it says that the screen will be 5.4 inches, against the original model's 5.7 inch. Not a very dramatic reduction, but still noticeable. Also, keep in mind that the thin frames and the new screen aspect means that the phone will most likely have the same width as a 16: 9 screen in 5 inch size.

The shadow percentage on the front should be about 80 percent, according to the website.

- To compete with Samsung and Apple

The website also claims to know the reason why LG wants to introduce a mini version of its top model; Namely that they will compete with Apple and Samsung. Both of these have models of different order of magnitude, which will appeal to different customers.

However, unlike both of these two, LG may also downgrade some other specifications on the LG G6 Mini. For example, the display might be downgraded to "only" 1 920 x 1,080 pixel resolution, and other things - like memory and processor - may well be chased down.

Samsung's new top models also have ultra-wide display:
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If the phone is really launched, then. TechnoBuffalo urges us to take it all with a pinch of salt, despite the fact that they have received the document from a "credible source": the document is stamped with a date from early 2016. This may mean that the model is pouring into the sand on the way Until launch - but of course you do not know.

We also do not know where the phone will be launched or when. And not least, the price is still unknown and will mean a lot to sell such a model.

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