Windows 10 S closes the door for Chrome and co

Windows 10 S closes the door for Chrome and co

The road to the internet goes through Edge and Bing. Dot.

Yesterday Microsoft released a new lightweight Windows version called "Windows 10 S". Windows 10 S is considered the company's response to Chrome OS, and will only run apps from the Windows Store.

While this guarantees that proffesional wrinkles on the nose can be a good compromise for schools. What is hardly anyway, no matter who you are, is Microsoft raising its own browser as the only option as the default browser in Windows 10 S.

Sparingly with browsers in the Windows Store

Because while Windows Commander Terry Myerson proudly proclaimed that "Windows 10 S will run all browsers available through the Windows Store," it's clear that none of the major and important browsers are currently offered through Microsoft's app store.

Thus, Windows 10 S users can look beyond favorites like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi.

Edge as default browser

Edge, Microsoft's own browser has, in its turn, taken the throne as sole proprietor, where it is pre-installed and pre-selected for you. Edge is not possible under any circumstances to turn off as default web browsers, even if, for example, Google in the future would like to take Chrome over to the Windows Store.

In its own FAQ, Microsoft also confirms that new HTML files will always open with the default browser, even if you have a different browser than Edge up.

Locked to Bing search

In Edge, it is also the Microsoft-owned search engine, Bing, who governs. While of course you are free to visit Google or other search engines, search from the address bar will be locked to Bing.

We are smelling many Bing searches for "Google" in the future, and expect the EU to look into the issue as they have previously been very critical of the way Microsoft backs and highlights their own web browsers and services in Windows.

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