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Amanda (32) was happily engaged. Then a strange friend request appeared on Facebook

Amanda (32) was happily engaged. Then a strange friend request appeared on Facebook
Facebook can be scary exactly when it comes to which people you are with.

Are you active on Facebook on your mobile phone and have confirmed that the app can know where you are? Have you noticed that people you have just met appear as suggestions for people you may know?

It's simple technology where Facebook guess you know people you've just been in the same place as. Maybe you already have common friends who were in the same place? Perhaps you want to be friends too?

It can be a useful feature that associates friendship. It can also be experienced as invading.

FOR A WOMAN in England, it turned upside down on what she thought was a happy relationship. To the British newspaper Daily Mail, Amanda (32) tells the story like this:

Amanda had met the dream man. They had been together for two years and were engaged. Admittedly, he behaved strange and disappeared on job breaks from time to time, but all this was forgotten when he was freezing.

Then one day as she flipped through Facebook, she became aware of the profile picture of a woman the social network suggested as a friend.

The woman was pictured hand in hand with her fiancee.

Shockingly she blows through the woman's profile, and finds that they also have a child together.

Amanda tells her to be angry calling her boyfriend and confronting him with what she found out. He just adds - and the two-year relationship is over.

BUT NOT LONG. Within the year, he contacts and says that he has made an end to the other woman. The two try again, but once again it turns out that he is unfaithful.

Amanda finishes her relationship once more, but when she turns out she is pregnant, the relationship gets a third chance. It should not last long.

Once again via Facebook, the girlfriend is hanged out by a new person who tells a story of infidelity and wonder.

"I chose to share my story, and within one hour three other women contacted and told similar stories," the woman told the newspaper.

The relationship was over for good.

Faced with the newspaper, the man denies that he has been in relationship with other women at the same time, claiming the different women are found from Amanda's side. Nor does he acknowledge the child, and tells the newspaper that he has demanded a DNA test to clarify if he really is the father.

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