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Apple explains what went wrong when iPhone X did not recognize Craig Federighi's face

Apple explains what went wrong when iPhone X did not recognize Craig Federighi's face
"The mobile really worked as it should," explains Apple.

Tuesday night Norwegian time, Apple unveiled the new iPhone X phone. This is a phone different from today's iPhone models, and should be unlocked by face detection.

With Apple's software development manager, Craig Federighi, demonstrating the technology behind FaceID, it went wrong:

FaceID did not work properly, and Federighi was instead prompted to enter their code. Not the lucky moment for a company that tries to convince a pair of skeptics that it's better to open the phone with your face than your finger.

A number of media reported that the technology failed. On the other hand, it does not matter whether we should believe Apple himself.

In a statement to Yahoo, the company explains that a number of different people had taken in the mobile phone ahead of the presentation and that the phone had tried to recognize the faces of all these people - without success.

After many failed attempts, the iPhone is designed to require the user to enter the code. iPhone X was already in this mode when Federighi was using it, says a spokesman for Apple.

Mennesker handlede the device for the stage demo ahead of time, and did not realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. Efter mislykket antall ganger, fordi de ikke var Craig, iPhone gjorde det som var designet til å gjøre, som var å kreve hans passcode. In other words, Face ID worked as it was designed to.

Apple to Yahoo
Federighi quickly switches to a backup phone, and then the technology worked as it should during the demonstration.

The damage had already occurred, and is used diligently by people and media who are skeptical of functionality.

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