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CCleaner scandal: - You must reinstall Windows

CCleaner scandal: - You must reinstall Windows
Scandal grows into whole new proportions.

It all started almost like a little curiosity, but now looks to grow into a huge scandal.

The CCleaner program, used to clean up and optimize computers, is undoubtedly the world's most popular of its kind. More than two billion times, the program has been downloaded and is generally highly recognized.

Unauthorized people had managed to access the computers of the company behind, which meant that the popular program was infected with features that allowed hackers to take control of the computer.

This they managed to keep on for a total of 31 days before it was discovered by the security company Avast. Meanwhile, many millions have downloaded the infected edition.

Extremely advanced
Now it appears that the software is one of the most advanced security experts, and that there are bakers with a lot of resources available.

The Cisco group Talos has examined the program more closely, and found that the bakers have been looking for computers in the headquarters of some of the world's leading technology companies. This includes Microsoft, Google, Sony, Samsung, Akamai, HTC, MSI, Google, Dlink, Cisco, Vodafone and VMWare.

If the program has found that it has been installed on machines in these locations, it has downloaded not just one but two tailored infections specially designed to make analysis difficult.

It may be especially the third level that is being installed as a concern because this is so-called "phyllos malware", which means that the infection only happens in memory - making it extremely difficult to investigate.

- When you look at this software package, it is very well developed. This is someone who has spent a lot of money, with very many developers to perfect it. It is clear that those who have created this have used it before and that they will use it again, says security expert Craig Williams in Cisco to Ars Technica.

You must format your computer
He says that people who have installed the infected version of CCleaner, specifically CCleaner in 32-bit version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191, simply have to reinstall the entire operating system on their computer. It does not stop removing the original infection, knowing that two highly advanced programs are very difficult to detect.

It is a very little thankful job, but necessary.

Security experts around the world are starting to be very concerned about the new development where backmen gain control over the distribution of popular software. This allows you to get around many security mechanisms and reach a wide range of security-conscious users.

The worst example was perhaps when bakers gained access to NetSarang development tools, used by over 100 banks worldwide, as well as pharmaceutical and energy companies.

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