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First impression of iPhone X in reality

First impression of iPhone X in reality
We have tried Apple's great news. Here is the first impression.

As expected, Apple showed nothing less than six new products on Tuesday's launch event in Cupertino.

Although the new phones are now called iPhone 8 and not 7S, the design is largely unchanged. But inside has happened a lot, both when it comes to horsepower, new circuits and better cameras.

For example, features such as Augmented Reality, "Expanded Reality", float nicely on the screen without annoying stays or choking.

That it is demonstrated on stage is a matter, but seeing it live is actually impressive. It will be exciting to see how "next-generation" Pokemon Go-like games will look like the new iPhone.

But the big star is clearly the iPhone X's anniversary model. With its edge-to-edge display and excellent color rendering, the 5.8-inch OLED screen draws its true attention.

The usual models look old-fashioned and a little more clumsy. And it feels just as exclusive and impressive in hand as it does in pictures. Apple has once again passed the competitors on building quality.

With the cameras placed horizontally and updated sensors, the iPhone X will be even better suited to Augmented Reality than iPhone 8.

The back of the glass on all the new models makes it possible to charge the phones wirelessly, which was demonstrated by chargers from several different brands. Fortunately, Apple has chosen the current Qi standard for wireless charging.

In addition to upgrading the cameras, the self-camera has also become significantly better. Same with the new features to manipulate how faces are lit - Portrait Mode - It's probably the best self-camera we've seen.

Everyone who tried the features was visibly impressed.

To remove the home button and thus the fingerprint reader is brave decision. Others have tried facial recognition, but if it does not work 100 percent of the time, you get up and get annoyed.

During the demonstration it looked like it worked every time, but it was under ideal conditions.

When we get our own test and can try ourselves, even in poor light, we will come back with a more thorough assessment.

You will have to learn some new basic handles. Like sweeping your finger, to go to the home screen instead of pressing the button, the button on the page is used to start Siri, and so on. It's something to try a bit to see if it's better or worse than the old method.

But a person who demonstrated it exclaimed: "So clever, then you can do it all with one hand."

Sometimes it's the little things you're most happy with.

We'll be back with more details about the new Apple products in the next few days, once we've had the opportunity to use them more in depth.

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