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Google takes HTC team for $ 1.1 billion

Google takes HTC team for $ 1.1 billion
The dream team behind Google's critically acclaimed Pixel mobile phone is turned off by Google.

Google has signed a $ 1.1 billion collaborative agreement with the mobile giant HTC, writes the company in a press release. The agreement follows the right of use for HTC's patents and intellectual property.

Rumors about the deal first appeared in the beginning of September.

The search engine giant has lately got harder on hardware, and the HTC agreement is the last part of the strategy.

"Through this deal, talented HTC employees will become part of Google's hardware department," said Google's Rick Osterloh.

He specifically thinks about the team who developed the critically acclaimed Google mobile Pixel.

Google takes half the staff
According to the New York Times, the agreement means that HTC slim staff from around 4000 to 2000 people. HTC will still develop smartphones, but it is expected to streamline the selection to a greater extent than today.

HTC has competed with Apple and Samsung in recent years and has failed to produce a smartphone that stands out.

In its press release, HTC emphasizes that they will follow up the flagship HTC U11 launched earlier in 2017, and will also advance on technology such as virtual and expanded reality and artificial intelligence.

It's not time Google takes over a mobile company. In 2011, the company bought Motorola for $ 12.5 billion, but sold it to Lenovo three years later for less than $ 3 billion.

Admittedly, Google had previously sold other parts of the company and retained Motorola's patents, but Business Insider writes that it is not obvious how the deal with HTC will be a success.

Does Apple's strategy follow?
It is speculated whether Google is now moving towards Apple's strategy, with control of both the software and hardware in its devices. Google's mobile operating system is currently running on a variety of platforms with various customizations for each individual manufacturer.

It rumors rumors that Google also wants to develop its own processors to its hardware to compete with, for example, Apple's deeply integrated systems. Today, Google is dependent on customizing its products with partners like Qualcomm.

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