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Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X

Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X
The price is to get tears in the eyes of.

On Tuesday evening, Apple invited the press to the annual launch of the company's biggest news. This year, it all went for the first time in Steve Jobs Theater in Apple's new signature building Apple Park in Cupertino.

Tim Cook failed to keep his tears back when he opened the building by reminding Apple founder Steve Jobs, but the program had to move on quickly. The most exciting was of course this year's new iPhone models.

iPhone X
"We have been working for years with the future of iPhones. This is the biggest step forward since we launched iPhone ten years ago, said Tim Cook about iPhone X.

The screen covers the entire front, called Super Retina and is 5.8 in. Apple claims the screen exceeds OLED with a good margin.

The home button is now gone. To activate the phone, touch the screen. You sweep up from the bottom to open the home screen. This works from all apps.

Face ID replaces Touch ID, and is easy and simple face recognition. Using an infrared camera, infrared lighting and a new Bionic A11 chip, the phone makes a digital image of your face. The phone scans 30,000 dots on your face, and it also works in the dark.

The technology behind Face ID performs up to 600 billion small operations per second.

The phones should not be fooled by pictures or masks of your face. The chance of tricking Touch ID was 1 to 50,000, "said Apple. With Face ID, the number is 1 to 1,000,000.

We are excited about how well the technology works in practice. The first phone Apple's Craig Federighi was to show the technology, did not want to open the mobile and he had to change mobile. However, for the rest of the presentation, technology worked as expected.

Battery life should be two hours longer than iPhone 7.

With the background of glass, iPhone X can be charged wirelessly through the Qi charging standard. That is, the mobile phone can also be charged with equipment that is not made by Apple.

The new generation iPhone can be charged wirelessly with Apple Watch and AirPod. Here are the dings on Apple's charging plate AirPower, but they can be loaded from any product that supports the open Qi standard.
Apple has of course made its own solution called AirPower, where you can add mobile, clock and cordless ear plugs to charge everyone at the same time. This will be launched in 2018.

iPhone X comes in black and silver colors and costs staggering 10,990 kroner for the 64GB model and 12,690 for the 256GB model.

Technology journalist and bloggers are not overwhelmed by the price, but, of course, says that it is difficult.

- I'm not surprised as it has been speculative in this award for a long time. It is undoubtedly extremely expensive

"Samsung is doing the same now with several models priced at the level we've been used to in recent years, and top models that cost extra lot.

"It can give between 11,000 and 13,000 for a new thing each year, but I do not doubt people will do it.

The phone is launching significantly later than iPhone 8, November 3rd.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
Apple also unveiled two new iPhone models that look almost identical to today's mobiles. They are called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and are very similar to today's iPhone 7.

Inside, however, there is a hexagon's piece that controls the show. iPhone 8 is also the first phone with its own graphics chip. It should provide better performance and better games, for example.

Also, the iPhone 8 can be charged wirelessly.

But all in all, we talk about small upgrades compared to the iPhone 7. The processor is faster, the light is better, the sound is higher and the camera is better.

The "portrait light" unity for the iPhone X and 8 Plus looks tough. Here the phone analyzes the content of the image, and you can adjust the light and background of a portrait with impressive results.

iPhone 8 also supports the augmented reality - expanded reality.

iPhone 8 costs 7790 kroner for the 64GB model for the 256GB model.
The iPhone 8 Plus costs 8890 for the 64GB modelfor the 256GB model.

The mobiles will be launched on 22 September.

- The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are completely elongated phones and a natural little progress from the 7's. But it's the iPhone X that's the star here. There are many exciting new features and it looks very nice. Unfortunately, it will not arrive in two months.

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch has grown to be the biggest clock in the world, over Rolex. Apple is now updating the clock with a new generation. The Apple Watch Series 3 looks very similar to the previous generation, but has got upgrades under the shell.

First and foremost, it now operates independently of the mobile phone using 4G connectivity. It can also be linked directly to Apple Music. A new W2 chip will also make connection via the blue faster.

Unfortunately, Apple has not increased battery life, which is strictly one of the biggest appeal points to today's clock: It must be charged every day.

The price for the Apple Watch Series 3 is 3590 kroner for the 38cm box and 3890 for the 42mm clockbox.

The clock will be launched on 22 September.

The new operating system WatchOS 4 will be available on September 19th.

Apple TV 4K
Apple is also unveiling a new and powerful Apple TV, Apple TV 4K. In other words, it is a way of far better image quality than with today's Apple TV, provided you have a display that supports 4K.

In addition to 4K, Apple TV now supports HDR content.

Inside is an A10X chip, which gives Apple TV four times as good graphics performance as the previous generation. It's the same chip that is in iPad Pro.

The menu system has also been overtaken. More exciting is that Apple TV is featured as a game console focused on multiplayer games.

Apple TV 4K for 32GB model and 64GB version. It will be launched on 22 September.

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Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X

Here is Apple's new iPhone: iPhone X The price is to get tears in the eyes of. On Tuesday evening, Apple invited the press to the an...