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iOS 11: How to record the screen on iPhone and iPad

iOS 11: How to record the screen on iPhone and iPad

Screen capture is the feature Apple has not mentioned, but "everyone" is talking about.
Apple never mentioned the feature when they introduced the iOS 11 news, but it's neither the new design in the App Store, the new camera features, the image format HEIF or the new control center people are talking about after the update.

It is the Screen Recording feature.
With this feature you can make video footage of anything on the screen. Earlier, one could take a screenshot of what's going on, but in today's video world, screen capture is of course even better.

Screen capture is not immediately available on the mobile, but only a few clicks are required to enable the feature.

How to do it
The button to start screen recording will remain in the new control center after you have activated the feature.

Click Settings
Click Control Center
Click Customize controls
Plug in Screen Recording
Now you will find the screen capture button in the Control Center when you sweep up from the bottom of the phone.

Initially, the recording is done without sound, but pressing the button (3D Touch) will make it possible to turn the microphone on and off.

Be careful with sexy videos
The online chat request for the news is that you can now make secret footage of, for example, videos in Snapchat and Instagram Stories without the sender aware of it.

And quite right: When Page3 tested to run the screen shot while we opened a video clip, the entire video was captured on film without the sender being notified.

If you are used to sending spiky snap videos to anyone other than hard, very good friends, it may now be an idea to think about once and twice before sending someone to the iPhone ...
Both useful and fun
Screen capture can be used for more useful things than being nasty. For example, friends and family members who have a problem with their mobile or tablet can record the problem and send it to others with more help for help.

One can also share experiences in games and apps that use expanded reality.

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