søndag 1. oktober 2017

Should you buy iPhone X?

Should you buy iPhone X?

Tech blogger and tech consultant Shelly Palmer has been asked to buy iPhone X - and at the same time advise on how to deal with iPhone 8.

The answer to the first question is; Yes, he will. He will buy iPhone X directly from Apple, with subscription.

He adds that iPhone X has a part that the iPhone 7 does not have, but none of what Apple launched Tuesday is needed (need to have) for someone who already has an iPhone 7.

On the question of whether one should consider buying iPhone 8 is the answer; Yes, buy iPhone 8 if you do not have an iPhone 7 and you can not afford to buy iPhone X.

But Palmer's advice is also that if you have an iPhone 7 then you do not need to upgrade to iPhone 8.

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