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The electric truck never runs out of power

The electric truck never runs out of power
Not only does it work without fuel, it must be emptied!

Eternity machines have been a dream for researchers and inventors for many, many years - and there is no lack of trying to create a machine that never stops.

But now it appears that a research project in Switzerland is in the process of achieving goals - and so. They have made an electric dumper that not only never runs out of power - but actually generates power that is emitted on the mains.

Must be emptied, not charged

It all sounds too good to be true, but the technology is quite simple: Electric motors can not only be used to power propulsion, electric motors also act as generators when you slow down - called regeneration of power.

The secret here lies in the fact that the dumper collects mines from a lithium mine that is higher in the field than the factory the masses are to be delivered to. This makes the car heavier heavier when it drives downwards than when it runs back to the mine.

The full load generates the machine around 40 kWh on its way down to the factory, while it uses about 30 kWh of power to drive back up. This means that the machine generates 10 kWh per round trip it carries out, and it carries 20 round trips a day.

The result is that it will generate 200 kWh more power per day than it uses, and this power is then transmitted to the mains.

Great savings
The company claims that you save about 50,000 liters of diesel compared to a regular dumper that definitely does not generate a profit on such a tour.

The prerequisite for this to work is, of course, that the masses are shipped downhill. The principle can be compared to some extent with hydropower, where large amounts of water are transported from a high level to a low level, and in the bottom it is a turbine that "brakes" the water and generates electricity.

The so-called eDumper was initially thought to be equipped with a 600 kWh battery, but now it's 700 kWh in order to improve efficiency.

Despite the machine's full load weighing 110 tonnes, it has an electric motor of "just" 800 horsepower (590 kW) - but the torque is at a nice 9500 Nm.

Electric bus has set new record

This is not the only exciting thing that happens with electric heavy vehicles at the moment.

Bus manufacturer Proterra put this new password in a week with an electric bus - or strictly electric vehicle as a whole:

On a lane in the United States, it drove 1772 kilometers before the 660 kWh battery was empty.

In practice, of course, the bus will not go as long, but it shows that long haulage is now within reach of electric vehicles.

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